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Changes are inevitable and not always controllable. What can be controlled is how you manage, react to and work through the change process.
― Kelly A. Morgan (via psych-quotes)
daily affirmations


· i deserve recovery
· i am a good, caring person
· i create my own reality
· i’m trying my best
· i don’t need approval or validation from anyone in regards to my appearance
· i am able to take risks
· i am not a prisoner to my own anxiety
· i deserve good things
· i will not surround myself with people who kill my spirit or make me feel bad about myself
· i am love, i am able to love, i am deserving of love, i am light


Retro Vintage Text Effects by Roberto Perrino.

This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality retro / vintage / old style to your text. You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included. Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them the vintage touch.

Download it here: http://bit.ly/1wTtD3M

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Also, who plays minecraft anymore? ;p

We just like it old school I guess. 

It’s okay. Mickey made me “happy birthday” and a giant present in minecraft a couple years ago ;3


hellokittenface replied to your post: Katy being cute. :3


I know, it kind of hurts. In a good way. ;)

Katy being cute. :3



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AfterShock: The Info Illustration Gallery - Created by Nick Caldwell

Artist Nick Caldwell has been working on a possible look into the future of the BioShock series…in outer space! Check out his gallery here for the whole series of brilliantly designed posters that provide information on the concepts of the game. You can also find more of Nick’s work on his website and Twitter.

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Drew this cat smoking while listening to @jeremih @shlohmo new EP it’s solid gold ✌️✌️✌️


"This is my first cabbage! You know, a lot of times they’re kind of soft, but this one is sold! It’s going to be good eatin’!" 
"What are you going to make with it?"
"Well, this one I’m giving to my parents. You have to give the first one away or you just spoil the whole spirit of gardening."